Class ApacheV2LicenceAppender

  extended by org.apache.rat.annotation.AbstractLicenceAppender
      extended by org.apache.rat.annotation.ApacheV2LicenceAppender

public class ApacheV2LicenceAppender
extends AbstractLicenceAppender

Add an Apache Licence V2 licence header to a document. This appender does not check for the existence of an existing licence header, it is assumed that either a second licence header is intentional or that there is no licence header present already.

Constructor Summary
          Create a licence appender with the standard ASF licence header.
ApacheV2LicenceAppender(String copyright)
          Create a licence appender with the given copyright line.
Method Summary
 String getLicenceHeader(File document)
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Constructor Detail


public ApacheV2LicenceAppender()
Create a licence appender with the standard ASF licence header.


public ApacheV2LicenceAppender(String copyright)
Create a licence appender with the given copyright line. This should be of the form "Copyright 2008 Foo"

copyright - copyright line.
Method Detail


public String getLicenceHeader(File document)
Specified by:
getLicenceHeader in class AbstractLicenceAppender
document - document to extract from.
Get the licence header of a document.

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