JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
RAT-247 apache-rat complains about Eclipse .checkstyle files Bug Fixed Closed
RAT-123 Improve Rat Core Documentation Bug Fixed Resolved
RAT-117 Tentacles uses a snapshot dependency that is not in mvn central - build failure Bug Fixed Resolved
RAT-114 Rat project has maven errors in eclipse Bug Fixed Resolved
RAT-101 Download page does not include pointer to KEYS file or hashes Bug Fixed Closed
RAT-44 docs Typo on RAT documentation site Bug Fixed Closed
RAT-115 Migrated tests to JUnit4 Improvement Fixed Resolved
RAT-105 maven Add svn:ignore values for intellij project files Improvement Fixed Resolved
RAT-69 Treat ICNS and ODP files as binary Improvement Fixed Closed
RAT-66 maven Ignore the release.properties file created by maven-release-plugin Improvement Fixed Resolved
RAT-17 engine [GOOGLE-4] Run against compressed artifacts Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-234 TypeScript files (*.ts) are categorized as binary files and are ignored Bug Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-230 maven Short Apache header is not accepted by apache-rat-plugin Bug Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-229 Mp3 files are not treated as binary Bug Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-228 antlib Test failures in antunit does not break the maven build / ANT does not seem to recognize additional licenses Bug Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-224 apache-rat-plugin custom license example doesn't work Bug Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-222 Download script of SNAPSHOT site refers to yet unavailable artifact but should show releases only Bug Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-245 Update ANT version - CVE-2017-5645: Apache Ant 1.9.9 and 1.10.1 - Apache Log4j 1.2.13 security vulnerability Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-243 maven Add Eclipse Checkstyle hidden file to useEclipseDefaultExcludes Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-241 maven Do not emit all excludes at info logging Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-233 Detect .NEt Core .xproj files Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-232 Removed prerequisites from pom use maven-enforcer instead Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-231 Update URL's from http to https Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-227 site Change all links in maven-generated site to https for security reasons Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-226 antlib Update to latest compatible Apache ant Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-223 Add support for Golang and Perl module files Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-221 docs Change the URL in JIRA which points to creadur.apache.org instead Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.13 RAT-218 maven Fix wrong License Header Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-217 maven-compiler-plugin configuration can be simplified Improvement Fixed Closed
0.13 RAT-216 Update versions in pom after release of 0.12 and update dependencies Task Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-215 BinaryGuesser should treat *.woff2 as binary Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-214 Update commons-compress and apache-ant due to security problems Bug Fixed Closed
0.12 RAT-188 maven Fix RAT build on GUMP with Java 8 (workaround MANIMALSNIFFER-45) Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-180 Incorrect text in report Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-179 antlib, maven Maven plugin and Ant task do not support adding extra approved licences Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-177 final arrays should be private Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-175 SourceCodeManagementSystems.hasIgnoreFile() should return boolean Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-174 CDDL1License still very slow Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-173 maven Cannot skip plugin run completely, but check only Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-160 Fails to ignore build.log created by maven-invoker-plugin Bug Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-213 Upgrade Apache Commons Collections to v3.2.2 Improvement Fixed Closed
0.12 RAT-210 maven Adapt webpage to new corporate design Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-208 maven Add support for exclude files to maven plugin Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-204 Make sure I/O resources are properly closed Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-203 Improve terminology in RAT - use license only Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-202 If no unapproved files are found report should not contain text to show their contents Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-201 BinaryGuesser should treat *.swf as binary Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-200 Update to ASF parent pom 17 Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-198 maven Upgrade plexus-utils to 3.0.20 Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-197 Exclude the new .mvn/ folder from rat checked Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-196 maven Let the parent do it's work and define only things which are really needed. Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-194 maven upgrade Doxia (from 1.2) to 1.6 Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-193 Take advantage of inheritance from ASF parent version 16 Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-192 Fixing typo in javadoc Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-191 Upgrade to apache parent version 16 Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-187 Add 'SAR', 'HAR', 'WSR' as archives which should be ignored. Improvement Fixed Closed
0.12 RAT-186 BinaryGuesser should recognize PSD files as images Improvement Fixed Closed
0.12 RAT-185 maven .repository folder should be ignored Improvement Fixed Closed
0.12 RAT-184 maven Add DEPENDENCIES file to the default ignored list Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-181 BinaryGuesser should treat *.truststore as binary Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-172 Allow RAT maven plugin to filter out source code management files and directories automatically Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-170 RAT should use itself during build and site generation Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-61 maven List files with unapproved licenses in Maven output Improvement Fixed Closed
0.12 RAT-58 Create API module Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-171 Allow exclude patterns to be read from a file or files New Feature Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-157 Use the *ignore file for the SCM to determine excludes New Feature Fixed Resolved
0.12 RAT-167 Cleanup Build Infrastructure Task Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-168 Add integration test for apache-rat:rat to catch NPE Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-159 Detect OpenOffice documents as being archives Bug Fixed Closed
0.11 RAT-156 Add some symmetry when applying license headers to files with file type specific headers Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-155 Do not add empty first and last lines in the license header for certain families Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-154 Indentation of the license header should be decided per family Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-153 Do not add extra empty lines when appending headers for the Apache License Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-152 Recognize the format for .bsh, .fml and .jsp file types Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-151 Detect more archive file formats Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-148 reports LicenseAddingReport#report has useless call to metaData.getData Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-144 maven AbstractRatMojo String constant arrays should be private Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-135 cli, maven addLicenseHeaders is missing a space on license header. Bug Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-165 maven Use a maven defaultGoal for RAT's base pom.xml Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-164 Allow skipping execution entirely Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-162 CDDL1License.matches slow with large inputs Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.11 RAT-129 Add support for CDDL 1.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.10 RAT-145 maven Maven plugin should not run in the "verify" phase, but in the "validate" phase Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10 RAT-140 OASISLicense allows invalid Copyright line Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10 RAT-138 engine RAT runs very slowly on some input Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10 RAT-137 docs Website shows incorrect Maven goals in some pages Bug Fixed Closed
0.10 RAT-133 Unthrown Exceptions Bug Fixed Resolved
0.10 RAT-139 FullTextMatchingLicense.prune uses inefficient deleteAtChar Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.9 RAT-126 maven Default excludes do not ignore .git/ repository Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 RAT-124 maven Rat plugin should exclude the configuration directory used by IDEA Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 RAT-122 maven Maven Plugin: field to ignore errors and continue the build Bug Fixed Resolved
0.9 RAT-121 maven use maven java5 annotations for maven plugins Bug Fixed Resolved
0.9 RAT-120 maven fix some maven warning and upgrade some dependencies. Bug Fixed Resolved
0.9 RAT-116 docs, maven Docs don't say what the default excludes are Bug Fixed Resolved
0.9 RAT-109 Return value of mkdirs() is not checked and no error handling occurs Bug Fixed Resolved
0.9 RAT-102 maven typo in pom.xml / field description Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 RAT-3 reports Incorrect alignment of file contents Bug Fixed Closed
0.9 RAT-125 Support applied ASL20 license headers, including checking for required copyright header line Improvement Fixed Closed
0.9 RAT-111 engine RAT does not ignore javah generated files Improvement Fixed Resolved
0.9 RAT-108 engine Add native support for thrift generated code to be ignored Improvement Fixed Resolved