Changes in the Rat Maven Plugin

Release History

Version Date Description
0.12 Not yet released  
1.0-alpha-4 Not yet released  
1.0-alpha-3 2007-Aug-28  
1.0-alpha-2 2007-Jun-16  
1.0-alpha-1 2007-Feb-12  

Release 0.12 – Not yet released

Type Changes By
Add Added parameters includesFile, excludesFile, includesFileCharacterset, and excludesFileCharacterset, and support thereof. Fixes RAT-208. jochen

Release 1.0-alpha-4 – Not yet released

Type Changes By
Fix Added @requiresDependencyResolution to the RatReportMojo, so that the dependencies are guaranteed to be present, if the mojo is invoked from the command line. Fixes MOJO-866. jochen
Fix Incorrect number of unapproved licenses reported by rat:check Fixes RAT-35. Thanks to Jukka Zitting. jochen

Release 1.0-alpha-3 – 2007-Aug-28

Type Changes By
Fix Upgraded rat-lib to 0.5.1. jochen

Release 1.0-alpha-2 – 2007-Jun-16

Type Changes By
Add Added the IDEA specific default excludes. Fixes MOJO-685. Thanks to Bernd Bohmann. jochen
Add Added the possibility to exclude subprojects. Fixes MOJO-685. Thanks to Bernd Bohmann. jochen
Fix Upgrade to rat-lib-0.5 Fixes MOJO-661. Thanks to Lars Trieloff. jochen
Fix The plugin description on the project-reports page was wrong. jochen
Fix The plugins report contains now relative paths in the default configuration, in order to avoid exposing unnecessary information on public sites. Fixes MOJO-819. jochen

Release 1.0-alpha-1 – 2007-Feb-12

Type Changes By
Add Initial release. jochen