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Using a Mirror

We recommend you use a mirror to download our release builds, but you must verify the integrity of the downloaded files using signatures downloaded from our main distribution directories. Recent releases (48 hours) may not yet be available from the mirrors.

You are currently using If you encounter a problem with this mirror, please select another mirror. If all mirrors are failing, there are backup mirrors (at the end of the mirrors list) that should be available.

Other mirrors:

The KEYS file links to the code signing keys used to sign the product. The PGP link downloads the OpenPGP compatible signature from our main site. The SHA512 links download the checksum from the main site.

Latest release of Apache Creadur Rat is 0.15


apache-rat-0.15-bin.tar.bz2 sha512 pgp
apache-rat-0.15-bin.tar.gz sha512 pgp sha512 pgp


apache-rat-0.15-src.tar.bz2 sha512 pgp
apache-rat-0.15-src.tar.gz sha512 pgp sha512 pgp

Apache Creadur Rat 0.16-SNAPSHOT


Older releases can be obtained from the archives.