What Is Apache Whisker?

Apache Whisker assists assembled applications maintain correct legal documentation.

Apache Whisker is part of the Apache Creadur language- and build-agnostic suite of tools for auditing and comprehending software distributions. Our community develops open source software the Apache Way.

Whisker just helps to maintain information more efficiently, and is no substitute for solid legal work. No part of our documentation is legal advice, and readers are assumed to have a practical understanding of the relevant laws.

Learn about copyright and software licensing here.

How Can Whisker Help?

Whisker can

  • verify - checking meta-data quality against a distribution
  • generate - legal documents from meta-data

Particular useful for complex assembled applications.

What's An Assembled Application?

An assembled application is composed from libraries and frameworks.

Read more here.

What Legal Documentation?

NOTICE and LICENSE are supported examples.

How Does Whisker Work?

Licensing meta-data describes the legal qualities of the components assembled.

How Can I Use Whisker?

Getting Started

Browse the source, read the javadocs, take a look

dive into sample meta-data

or browse the FAQ.

A warm welcome is guaranteed on our mail lists.

More Examples